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Family life has definitely changed as parents have come to terms with the challenges of parenting their children during the on-going pandemic.

Parents have been panicking since the day the lockdown was announced. What would the children do at home all day, especially if they cannot go out! No playdates with the neighbours, no tuition or madrassas to send them to. And as for the parents there is no office to escape to, so how do we channelize this fear and these overwhelming emotions in a positive manner?

Parenting is being made harder with the prevailing uncertainty, fear of economic hardship and protecting the family from the virus. Both parents and children are on the edge due to immense stress, media hype and fear, thereby challenging our capacity for tolerance and seeking opportunities.

We have unlimited time on our hands but very limited opportunities to make these lockdown days fruitful and productive for our children. Dr. Kanwal Kaisser is conducting a three session certificate course “Parenting Opportunities in Lock Down” where she will help you explore opportunities to improve your parenting style creatively and with a positive mindset during a challenging time.


What you as parents will learn in this course:

1. How to achieve serenity in your family
2. The art of A+ deeds
3. Handling emotions in your family